Pre-Employment Transition Services

Pre-Employment Transition Services are designed and tailored to meeting the transition service needs of students with disabilities, ages 14-21.  This innovative approach to obtaining pre-employment transition services is made possible through partnership with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation.  The Arc of Dauphin County collaborates with school districts, community partners, and local businesses who support an inclusive workplace by providing opportunities for students with disabilities.


Workplace Readiness Training - Provides students with training to acquire job readiness skills and information on accessing and maintaining integrated competitive employment.  The overriding philosophy is empowerment, with a focus on individual strengths and abilities.

Independent Living Skills Training - Assists students to develop the skills needed to live independently.  Students will gain knowledge to perform daily tasks essential for maintaining or obtaining independence.

Self-Advocacy Training - Assists students with disabilities to gain knowledge in disability awareness, advocating for themselves during the IEP process, understanding transition and available resources, advocating for themselves in post-secondary education, employment, and coordinating social services.

Work-Based Learning Experiences - Students are provided work-based learning experiences to gain knowledge and skills needed to obtain competitive integrated employment or transition to post-secondary training.  The students are paid for this work experience, at minimum wage or higher.

Job Shadowing - Provides the opportunity for students to shadow business professionals in occupations and professions of interest.  Students will learn the nature and scope of their selected shadow experience and whether the work is suitable and a desired career path.


Our Arc has partnered with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation to bring schools our accredited curriculum with zero impact on your budget.

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