The PBS Consultant assists individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve their goals and improve their quality of life by providing strategies of behavioral support based on ABA principles and functional assessments.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Human Services or related field.  Master's Degree preferred.

  • Minimum two years of work experience in a behavioral support position with implementation of ABA principles and development of functional assessments.

  • Must have clean FBI, Child Abuse, and Criminal History records.

  • Must have valid driver's license and have an automobile with valid insurance, a current registration, and valid inspection.


  • Must have excellent interpersonal relationship skills and the ability to work in a team environment.

  • Must have excellent time management skills and be able to work under pressure and time constraints to meet deadlines.

  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Skills should be versatile and transitional when dealing with individuals, families, the County, the State, and Case Management professionals.


  • Collect and evaluate behavioral data.

  • Conduct comprehensive functional assessments of presenting issues.

  • Conduct careful observations of participants in various settings for the purpose of developing behavior support plans.

  • Collaborate with consumers, their families, and their teams throughout the process of developing behavioral support plans that utilize positive strategies to support consumers based on notes taken during the functional behavioral assessments.

  • Conduct training related to the behavioral support plan for staff, individuals, parents, and caretakers to participate in.

  • Monitor the implementation of the behavioral support plan and revise as necessary.

  • Complete all required documentation related to data collection, progress reporting, and billing.

  • Behavior Support Services can be provided in the office of the Behavior Support professional, the consumer's home, or in a local community setting.