Helping The Community

Our Representative Payee program provides peace of mind in knowing that financial responsibilities are being addressed and handled timely and expertly.

A representative Payee is appointed by the Social Security Administration or Department of Veterans Affairs to manage Social Security Income on behalf of individuals needing financial assistance.  The Representative Payee program maintains a personal account for each consumer, which is used for financial obligations and monthly bills.  Representative Payees develop personalized budgets tailored to specific responsibilities and needs.

Who is Eligible?

Individuals are eligible if they receive Social Security Income or income through the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Having a Case Manager or Supports Coordinator through either MH/ID programs, Agencies on Aging, the Veterans Administration, or other social service agencies is preferred, but not required.

Program Benefits

Our Representative Payee Program provides the following benefits to consumers and their loved ones:

  • The peace of mind knowing that basic needs are being met;

  • The security of a third party that has the consumer's best interests in mind when managing funds;

  • A comprehensive spending plan to determine availability of funds.

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